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Abune Yemata's churuch Gere'ata

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Gere'alta mountains

Gerealta is found in Hawzen district (woreda).

About Abune Yemata

Abune yemata’s church is found in Gere’alta district. Gere’alta has a magnificent chain of mountains with very interesting parametric view and a church built by Abune Yemata and others such as Debre Mariam Korkor, Digum Slassie, Abune Abraham which are all rockhewn churches. It is 2 and 15 minutes drive from Mekelle, the regional capital. Tourists can have a tall view of the mountain when they are 3 kms close to the mountains.
There are two stages of climbing the mountain. At the first stage any tourist is required to walk up the mountain, the second stage is too steep and very sloppy, and there are ropes for tourists climbing the mountain for the first time.
Hiking or climbing shoes are needed also having a bottle of water is strongly recommended. After the first stage of climbing, there are local guards. At the second and steepest stage of the climb, there is a climbing rope for any tourists who need it. In addition, there are dents for foot on the rock all the way up the mountain.
There are also enough local guides who help carry the luggage of tourists. After climbing the mountain (from the top) there is five minutes walking sideways the church of Abune Yemata is found. It was built by Abune Yemata in the 6th century.

Inside the church

Inside the church there are wall paintings, wall paintings of Abune yemata on horseback, the nine saints and saint marry with her son. Besides there is a bible translated in to Ge’ez (traditional Ethiopian language) translated by Abune yemata. The church of Abune Yemata has the size of 7m² and height of 4 meters. There is a religious every year for all the churches mentioned. In addition, there is a regular church attendee is a priest of Ethiopian Orthodox Church priest. At the top of the mountain there is an awesome panoramic view worth seeing and experiencing.

Pictures from Gere'alta


Second stage of climbing the mountain.

Abune Yemata's church

Inside the church.

Wall paintings

Wall paintings of Abune yemata on horseback.

Views from the top

Beautiful view from the top

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